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Essential Qualifications: Undergraduates and Post Graduates with D.Ed/B.Ed/M.Ed/M.A Edn or any relevant teaching degree/diploma.

Fluency in English is a must. Patience and Passion for teaching and learning are expected.

Opportunities at King’s:

•    Freedom to think and work
•    Scope to experiment in learning
•    Autonomy to inculcate scientific temper in the students
•    Collaborative teaching/learning
•    Facilitation of student-centered learning
•    Trainings and Workshops
•    Platform to unleash and showcase talents
•    Work with people serious about education
•    Improve Personality

Desirable Traits:

•    English Language Fluency and Accuracy
•    Excellent Presentation Skills
•    Sound Subject Knowledge
•    Proactiveness
•    Out-of-the-box Thinking
•    Patient
•    Readiness to Unlearn and Learn
•    Curiosity
•    Good Interpersonal Skills
•    Passion to become the best gurus
•    An appetite for challenge

Teaching Fellowship: Anybody-- passionate to teach his/her talents and skills to the next generation--from any part of the world is invited to apply for teaching fellowship by writing to info@kingsidealschool.com. The fellowship includes free accommodation, food, visa, and an honorarium. Duration of the Fellowship: 3 – 6 months but special consideration or extension can be made based on the request of the applicants.