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A lush green campus with bio-diversity holds the school building in its lap. Broad approach roads and avenues are indicators of a planned layout. Class rooms are designed for rich natural light and ventilation. Solar Power is harvested to power our computer lab and other electrical installations.

Play Ground

Play Ground plays a major role in the holistic development of a child physically and psychologically. Sports inculcate a spirit of competition and teaches them to balance between winning and losing; therefore, they become balanced personalities.

Besides a play area for children of Kindergarten and primary classes, the campus holds well developed courts for Volley Ball, Shuttle , Basket Ball, facility, Cricket Nets, apart from general area for Kabaddi, Kho, etc. Facilities for indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, and Carroms are well developed. By policy all the boys and girls must take part in games and sports. The Physical Education Trainers (PETs) make it a point to observe the sporting talent in students and guide them in those games or sports either indoor or outdoor to become champions at district, state or national level. We have in this process identified and trained a champion footballer who played at the state-level. A regular review is made on the progress.

Arts and Crafts

We look at the development of the Psychomotor skills of every child and therefore give utmost preference to Arts and Crafts as well. We have trained teachers for this purpose. We find the creativity of students flowing on to the charts, canvases, clay models, and craft papers used for Origami.