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Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations
Posted on 2nd October, 2018
Kings Ideal school celebrated the Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October in the school premises

Blue Colour Day
Posted on 15th September, 2018
Celebrating blue colour day at our school with the little toddlers was extreme fun

Teacher’s Day
Posted on 5th September, 2018
Celebrating teachers day at school is one of the finest memories from the School days

Janmastami Celebrations
Posted on 3rd September, 2018
We know what to call our kids when they act naughty and run around the school House

Medical Camp
Posted on 31st August, 2018
There is a need to continue to develop and wonderful to have a doctors to guide the children on health Nutrition

Independence Day
Posted on 15th August, 2018
Kings Ideal School celebrated 72nd Independence day with pride patriotism and Zeal

Happy Parenting Day
Posted on 6th August, 2018
A happy parent makes a happy child Kings Ideal School took an Initiative to invite parents along with their kids and conducted many Activities together

Graduation Day
Posted on 23rd April, 2018
Its time to appreciate the effort hard work done by our little stars in their academics and moving to their next level in their journey

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