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A Language Lab: British Council Programmes, and other relevant programmes available online are being utilized to improve the LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) skills of the students. We have seen the students pick the accent quickly.

A Computer Lab: Children are taken to the lab not just to see the computers but to work their projects on them. A specially customized updating curriculum is designed for each class.

A Physics and Electronics Lab: A special lab for Physical Science and Electronics has been set up to give the students hands on experience to make them curious to learn physics

A Chemistry Lab: A special lab has been earmarked for demonstrating chemical reactions and understanding chemicals.

A  Social Science Lab: A facility for studying the evolution of society to the geographical marking on the atlas and globe has been initiated for a student to journey through the evolution of culture, traditions and economics of the world.

A Biology Lab: Students understand inner space (human body), the living things around them, how they function, and how each is dependent on the other.