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Has Evolution stopped at humans? This is an alluring question to the    philosophers, technicians, scientists, and sociologists. What if we ask the children to discuss this in the class?  What would we expect them to come up with? Are we right in expecting the answer to be what we think is the answer?

The discussion and likely conclusions would definitely strike many surprises, throw many challenges to our beliefs and expectations besides triggering our thought. This is exactly what we mean when we say we are educating to evolve.

 A purposeful education is the not just the need of the hour, it has been so ever since man started learning. At King’s Ideal School, the purpose is to make every student a curious self-learner.

Syllabus is a guide and not a goal for our students. Stress freed learning is what we are practising. Education is a byproduct of learning is what we believe.

Marks are no measure for the ability of a child, for no test is fool proof. Infact the measuring instruments must change not the measurable. Like some thinker rightly said, can we say a fish is useless because it can’t climb a tree? Or is a person useless if he/she can’t swim?

Let’s not pain ourselves thinking that we or our children missed the right kind of learning. It is important that we stop crying over spilled milk.

Let us make learning and exhilarating and fascinating journey for our children. We should together work to develop in our kids an acumen for critical thinking and problem-solving innovation.